Wow! Michael and Asha helped us out of a tight situation with a motor that had failed in our home a/c. We called in at 2 pm and had a temporary motor installed (order the oem part) by 5 pm on a Friday, they both worked with us on all counts to make sure we had air in 108 to 112 degree heat. Thanks again to both of you for being so customer service oriented and professional.  



Sending out a giant thank you to the wonderful people at Bell Air Conditioning! Just when I was convinced there weren't any honest people left in the AC business, they came to my rescue in a very big way for an extremely reasonable fee! No AC at 5 PM. I called and got a real person on the phone. 30 minutes later a wonderful technician arrived at my doorstep, and in less than an hour from the time I called for help I had wonderful, blessed, cool air! Around here he will always be known as "Magic Mike"!

The best ever! referred by a neighbor and the best reference I have ever gotten. He came right out, was quick, clean and knowledgeable.....Another company (a large reputable company btw) had told me we needed an entire new unit....and lo and behold, for under $500.00, Bell fixed my unit and that was 3 years ago. Will never let anyone else touch my A/C. He doesn't try to overcharge you either....I will always refer honest, hardworking companies, and Bell is def. one of those. (PS I referred him to a friend last year and he fixed her right up as well.) Thank you. "You cant get any better then Bell" (my quote) 

Theresa Adkins 

I found Dan by a happy accident. My Central Heating went out in January, and I've used multiple companies and individuals over the years with varying degrees of satisfaction.

During the 6+ years living in my home, I constantly experienced a very slow Freon leak that would require costly fill ups every year and half.

Dan Bell was THE ONLY servicer who ever took the time to find the leak, sealed it, and then did not charge me. I was utterly floored by his honesty and helpfulness. In my house, we still refer to his visit as our "Christmas Miracle," as he saved us hundreds of dollars in costly refills.

My unit is having trouble today, and he is the only person I trust to work on it. His integrity is so welcome and I am fiercely loyal to his business. If you are unsure about calling, don't be. Call him first.

Jason G.